Heat stress is a common hazard in most of the industries. Heat stress produces heat strains which is directly proportional to the stress level. It is also well known that exposure to excessively high temperature may produce undesirable and debilitating effects on the individual. Problems of heat stress are very common in some industries such as Iron and Steel Mills, Glass and Ceramic Units, Forge shops, Foundries, Bricks and Tiles Factories, Thermoelectric plants, Cements, Coke ovens, Laundries, Mines and many others. There are many workplaces in these units where artificial hot climates are deliberately created for the requirement of some processes. Whenever an individual is exposed to heat stress condition, there is a resulting strain due to considerable changes in many physiological reactions such as ‘sweat production’, ‘increased heart rate’ and ‘higher core temperature’ etc. The greater the stress level, the greater is the degree of strain experienced.


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